Description: An owl.
Category: Birds [Gardiner G]
Basic Form: full quadrat
Tag: birdolw
Type: simple

Borghouts, J. F. (2010), Egyptian: an introduction to the writing and language of the Middle Kingdom, 2 vols. Egyptologische Uitgaven 24, page 63, note 1
Gardiner, Alan Henderson (1957), Egyptian grammar being an introduction to the study of hieroglyphs, 3rd, revised edition, page 469
Gardiner  G17
Hieroglyphica  G17
Jsesh  G17
Unicode  U+13153 𓅓
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m regular



rs.t r Hr; TAw HA=k wHm
Watch out for the rope; The wind is behind you, herald.
Kaiuhor Menkauhor

gm ppy pn qbH.wt sA.t jnpw
this Pepi will find qbH.wt, daughter of Anubis,
Pepi I Merire

aA Hr=f xtn xns xtm=f m jr.ty Dw.t
The door, upon it is the xtn of the double bull, its lock is as the two evil eyes.
Pepi I Merire

jw g〈r〉g.n=(j) pr jt=(j) Sps mH.n=(j) sw m [Spss]
I established the house of my honorable father and filled it with precious things.
1st Intermediate Period

jw gr.t rD.n w(j) nb=j m nar.t m [...] ⸢jm⸣=s sSm wr n nswt Ds=f pr-HD n(.j) pA(w).ty m DiDi nswt aq.n jb=f rx-(j)x.wt sAA [...]
My lord moreover appointed me in the Heracleopolitan nome as [...] in it, the great tasks of the king himself; the treasury of the primeaval god by gift of the king, who his heart has entered, one knowledgeable, wise and...
Mentuhotep II Nebhepetre (complete reign)