Description: A stool made of reed matting.
Category: Furniture [Gardiner Q]
Basic Form: low narrow
Tag: matreed
Type: simple

Borghouts, J. F. (2010), Egyptian: an introduction to the writing and language of the Middle Kingdom, 2 vols. Egyptologische Uitgaven 24, page 114, note 2
Gardiner, Alan Henderson (1957), Egyptian grammar being an introduction to the study of hieroglyphs, 3rd, revised edition, page 500
Gardiner  Q3
Hieroglyphica  Q3
Jsesh  Q3
Unicode  U+132AA 𓊪
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p regular


jw nwA xpr
while these came to be
6th Dynasty

mw.t=f tf jar.t anx.t tp.t ra
this, his mother, the living uraeus snake which is upon Re,
Pepi I Merire

shA.t n ppy zxn.wj p.t jn manD.t
The sky's two reedfloats shall be set for Pepi by the Dayboat, [...]
Pepi I Merire

(j)m(.j)-〈r(')〉-mSa Htp
Overseer of troops, Hetep.
1st Intermediate Period

[...] t' wab n(.j) pr mnT.w dbH.t-Htp m pr wsjr mrr.t Ax.w wn(m) jm n (j)m(.j)-r(')-sbA.w mAa.t(j) Dd
[...] pure bread from the estate of Montu, a funerary meal from the estate of Osiris, in which the blessed spirits wish to eat, for the doorkeeper Maat(i), who says:
Intef III Nakhtnebtepnefer

jwj.n=j r njw.t=j tn m wpw.t(y) rx.t-n(y)-sw.t r saSA=s wab.w mr.wt
I came to this, my city, as a messenger and the custodian of the king's property, in order that it multiplies with priests and underlings
Amenemhat II Nebukaure

pH.n=j Abw mj wDD.tt sn=j tA n nb qbH.w
I reached Elephantine, as commanded, so that I may kiss the earth for the lord of the first cataract.
Amenemhat II Nebukaure

pH.w pH.t(w)=f gr.w gr.t(w)
who attacks when he is attacked; who is silent when one is silent
Senwosret III Khakaure

Hr bHD.t apy Sps sxx tA m Sw.t=f
Horus of Edfu, the noble winged sun in scarab form, who hastens the land with his shadow
Ptolemy VI Philometor