Description: A cloth wound on a pole, an emblem of divinity.
Category: Sacred emblems [Gardiner R]
Basic Form: tall narrow
Tag: netjer-sign
Type: simple
The exact nature of this sign is unknown.

Borghouts, J. F. (2010), Egyptian: an introduction to the writing and language of the Middle Kingdom, 2 vols. Egyptologische Uitgaven 24, page 118, note 2
Gardiner, Alan Henderson (1957), Egyptian grammar being an introduction to the study of hieroglyphs, 3rd, revised edition, page 502
Gardiner  R8
Hieroglyphica  R8
Jsesh  R8
Unicode  U+132B9 𓊹
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divinity, divine possesion regular


Dd mAa.n wj Hm n nb nTr pn Hr(.y)-tp tA.wy wD kA.t
saying: The majesty of the lord, this god, chief of the two lands, sent me, commanding the work
Senwosret I Kheperkare

Hm-nTr wsjr xnt(y) Hw.t-nTr Hm-nTr As.t HDD.t
The priest of Osiris, formost of the temple, the priest of Isis the scorpion
26th Dynasty

mHy.t pr m tf(n).t anx pr m ra jd.t pr m As.t
the north wind goes forth from Tefnut, life goes forth from Re, the pleasant smell goes forth from Isis,
Graeco-Roman Period

pH.ty [n] ra nx.t n Sw Sf snD n pXr=k dj.n=k dmj r Ha.w=k
the powerful one of Re, the strong one of Shu, respected of fear for that which you traverse, after you gave that which is attached to your limbs.
Ptolemaic Period

ms abb r xx n ra r sAw Hm=f r sb.yw
who presents the scarab to the neck of Ra, in order to protect his majesty against enemies
Ptolemy IX Soter II (1st reign in Egypt)

bA n jtm.w dj=f s(w) m D.t=f m jtn wr dj HDD.wt pr=f m pr=f
The Ba of Atoum, he places him in his body as the great sun disk, which gives brightness while it goes forth from its house
Ptolemy XIII

bA.w anx.w m tA n jtm.w
The living Ba's in the land of Atoum
Ptolemy XIII

Sw sA ra nb anx sxm m pA srq.t
Shu, the son of Ra, lord of life, powerful as the scorpion
Cleopatra VII Philopator

jnj=j n=k pr m nw.w HA.t pr m jtm.w
which I bring to you, which goes forth from the primeaval waters of the beginning, which go forth from Atoum,
Cleopatra VII Philopator

bA Sps n wsjr xnt.(y) jmn.t(y)t nTr aA nb AbD.w wsjr jwn wr m jwn.t bA Sps jyj=f m Ax Sps r Xnm xpr.w=f m Hw.t-nTr=f
The noble ba of Osiris, formost of the west, great god, lord of Abidos, Osiris the pillar, great one in Dendera, the noble ba, he comes as the noble spirit in order to unite with his shapes in his temple.
Cleopatra VII Philopator

Htp.wt m jq(r) m ptH nfr Hr
who rests in the nome of the annihilated crocodile as Ptah, beautiful of face
Cleopatra VII Philopator

aq Xr an.tyw r sgn Hr.t-tp m r-a.wy n.w(y) Ssmw
who enters bearing myrrh in order to anoint the Uraeus with the product of the hands of Chesemou
Cleopatra VII Philopator

bA n xprj Hr anx Hry srx
The ba of Khepri, the living Horus who is upon the palace facade,
Cleopatra VII Philopator

rdj.n wj jt=j jtm.w
My father Atoum gave to me
Roman Period

Dd jn wsjr xnt.y jmn.tyw nb AbDw sA n wr tp n gbb wpj x.wt nfr Hr dj anx Dd wAs nb snb nb Aw-jb nb n djw-Hr nHH D.t jry
Spoken by Osiris, the formost of the westerners, the lord of Abidos, the firstborn son of Geb, who judges the cases, beautiful of face, who gives all life, stability and dominion, all health and all joy to Teüris, all eternity and forever.
Gardiner, Alan Henderson (1957), Egyptian grammar being an introduction to the study of hieroglyphs, 3rd, revised edition, page 502
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logogram (1 function(s))
Phonetic value Semantic value Use
nTr god regular