Description: A string wound on a stick.
Category: Rope, fibre, baskets, bags [Gardiner V]
Basic Form: tall narrow
Tag: stickstring, cordvaria
Type: simple
Suggested to be a reeling stick.

Borghouts, J. F. (2010), Egyptian: an introduction to the writing and language of the Middle Kingdom, 2 vols. Egyptologische Uitgaven 24, page 150, note 2
Gardiner, Alan Henderson (1957), Egyptian grammar being an introduction to the study of hieroglyphs, 3rd, revised edition, page 524
Gardiner  V24
Hieroglyphica  V24
Jsesh  V24
Unicode  U+13397 𓎗
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phonemogram (1 function(s))
Phonetic value Semantic value Use
wḏ > wd regular


wḏ sw Rꜥw n ḥr snm
May the sun command him to the one who is over the food supply

wḏḏ n=f sꜣw ṯw rw pr wḏ n=f sꜣw ṯw rw
to whom is commanded: "Guard yourself against the lion!", to whom the command went forth: "Guard yourself against the lion!"

wḏ.n sw gbb m twꜣ m njw.t
Geb has commanded him as an inferior one in the town

mḥ n=k šꜣ.w jꜣḫ n=k wḏb.w
the marshes shall be filled for you, the shores shall be flooded for you
Nemtiemsaf I Merenre I

jr gr.t (j)ḫ.t-nb(.t) wḏ.n ḥm=f jr=(j) n=f st
Moreover, as for everything that His Majesty ordered, I did it for him.
Mentuhotep II Nebhepetre (complete reign)

smꜣ.n(=j) n=k tꜣ.wj mj wḏ.t.n bꜣ.w [...] ꜣw.t-jb nb
For you I united the two lands like that which the powers commanded [...] all joy.
Mentuhotep II Nebhepetre (complete reign)

swd.n=(j) wp(w).t=(j) n zꜣ=j jw=(j) ꜥnḫ.k(wj)
I handed over my task to my son while I was still alive,
12th Dynasty

ḏd mꜣꜥ.n wj ḥm n nb nṯr pn ḥr(.y)-tp tꜣ.wy wḏ kꜣ.t
saying: The majesty of the lord, this god, chief of the two lands, sent me, commanding the work
Senwosret I Kheperkare

pḥ.n=j ꜣbw mj wḏḏ.tt sn=j tꜣ n nb qbḥ.w
I reached Elephantine, as commanded, so that I may kiss the earth for the lord of the first cataract.
Amenemhat II Nebukaure

wḏ.n=j pr.t-ḫrw t ḥ(nq).t jḥ.w ꜣpd.w m ḥb nb n ẖr.t-nṯr
I ordered an invocation offering of bread, beer, meat and birds on every festival of the necropolis.
Amenemhat II Nebukaure

[...] r jt.w ḥr(.j).w-tp.w mꜣꜥ-ḫrw m wsḫ.t gb ṯꜥw nḏm r šr.t=j ssn=j st ẖr wḏ=k n ḫnsw ms.w jdj
[...] more than (those of) the forefathers, justification in the hallways of Geb, and the sweet breath to my nose so that I may breathe the smell of it according to that which you order to Khonsu, born of Idi.
13th Dynasty

ḥḏ nbw mj šꜥy n wḏb.w
Silver and gold are like the sand of the riverbanks.
Amenhotep IV / Akhenaten Neferkheperure

jr.w wḏ.n=j
What I ordered will be done.
19th Dynasty
Gardiner, Alan Henderson (1957), Egyptian grammar being an introduction to the study of hieroglyphs, 3rd, revised edition, page 524
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