Description: Three sealed water pots in a rack.
Category: Vessels of stone and earthenware [Gardiner W]
Basic Form: full quadrat
Tag: group of same signrackvesselwater pot
Type: simple
Gardiner, Alan Henderson (1957), Egyptian grammar being an introduction to the study of hieroglyphs, 3rd, revised edition, page 529
Gardiner  W17
Hieroglyphica  W17
Jsesh  W17
Unicode  U+133C3 𓏃
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logogram (1 function(s))
Phonetic value Semantic value Use
xnt jar stand regular


mdw=f Hr-tp ppy srwD=f DfA n xnt=f
may he speak on behalf of Pepi, may he make the nourishment of his jar stand firm,
Pepi I Merire

aS xnt 1 n nswt bj.ty xpr-kA-ra
of coniferous wood, 1 jar stand for the king of upper and lower Egypt, Kheperkara,
Amenemhat II Nebukaure
Gardiner, Alan Henderson (1957), Egyptian grammar being an introduction to the study of hieroglyphs, 3rd, revised edition, page 529
Creator: J. Grotenhuis

phonemogram (1 function(s))
Phonetic value Semantic value Use
xnt regular


mDH sS nswt mDH mH.yt Hm-nTr sSA.t Xnt.t pr-mDA.t jry-x.t-nswt Hm bA.w p Hm-nTr Hr mH.t(y) Hm-nTr jnpw aD-mr wHa
The architect of the king, the fasioner of Mehyt, the priest of Seshat, formost of the archives of the keeper of the property of the king, the servant of the souls of Pe, the priest of the northern Horus, the priest of Anubis, the administrator of the fishers,

pp.y pn jr xnt jtr.ty Hms=f s.t n.t apr.w qd
this Pepi is at the front of the two shrines, may he sit (in) the place of those who are equipped of form.
Pepi I Merire

jr jw.t jr xnt.t sn.wt=s
to the iw.t pole, to the formost of its flagpoles.
Pepi II Neferkare

xnt=k jr tA-wr
so that you pass through Abydos
Pepi II Neferkare

jsT tA pn Xr s.t Hr=f xnt.t r Abw pH.t r tA-wr Tn(.y)
while this land was under his care, south to Elephantine, north to Thinis of the Thinite nome.
Intef II Wahankh

n xb.n=(j) tr xnt hrw
I did not deduct (any) time from the day,
Intef III Nakhtnebtepnefer

jr r(')-aA Hr n.t(j)t jw.t(j)t xnt.j jA.wt m pr-nswt nb pA.t Dr rk tp.jw.w-a jm.j-jb-n-nswt m aH=f m sHr rx.yt Hr=f jw.w n=f
one who acts as a gate upon all that is and that is not, one foremost of offices in the royal palace, lord of the old time since the time of the ancestors, king's favourite in his palace in keeping the commoners who come to him away from him,
Mentuhotep II Nebhepetre (complete reign)

xA m x.t nb(.t) nfr.t m djdj wsjr xnt(.y) jmn.tyw
A thousand in every good thing from that which Osiris, formost of the westerners gives,
Mentuhotep II Nebhepetre (complete reign)

wn=f xnt.j
May he be foremost [...]
Mentuhotep II Nebhepetre (complete reign)

bHd.t(y) nTr aA sAb Sw.t pr m Ax.t nb p.t nb msn xnt(.y) jtr.t Sma.t
He of Behedet, the great god, the many-coloured of plumage, who goes forth in the horizon, the lord of the sky, the lord of Mesen, formost of the shrine row of Upper Egypt.
Senwosret I Kheperkare

xd.n=j xnt.n=j m Xnw
I went north and I went south from the residence,
Senwosret I Kheperkare

Htp-D-nswt (n) wsjr nb-dd.w xnt(.j)-jmn.tjw nTr-aA nb-AbDw m s.wt=f nb.t nfr.t wab(.t)
An offering which the king gives (to) Osiris, lord of Busiris, Khentamenti, great god, lord of Abydos in all his good and pure places
Amenemhat II Nebukaure

jw jr.n=j tAS=j xnt=j jt.w=j
I have made my border, while I go south (beyond) my fathers.
Senwosret III Khakaure

Htp-dj-nswt wsr xnt.y jmn.tyw nTr aA nb AbDw jgAj nb wHA.t dj=sn
An offering that the king gives (to) Osiris, formost of the westerners, the great god, lord of Abidos, and Igai, lord of the Oasis, may they give
13th Dynasty

Ts tw jr=k wsir xnt(.y) jmn.tyw
Raise yourself, Osiris, formost of the westerners!
13th Dynasty

kfa.n=j wp.t=f m Hr.t wHA.t Hr xnt.yt r kSj Hr Sa.t sS.w
I captured his message beyond the oasis, while going south to Kush, upon a document of writings.