Description: A round vase with upstanding rim upon legs that are walking.
Category: Vessels of stone and earthenware [Gardiner W]
Basic Form: tall narrow
Tag: nw-vasevesselwith long legs
Type: compound
TSL_1_2328_00   TSL_1_6571_00
Gardiner, Alan Henderson (1957), Egyptian grammar being an introduction to the study of hieroglyphs, 3rd, revised edition, page 531
Seyr, Ph. (2023), Graphetic compounding in the First Intermediate Period: the micro-history of [hiero] ḥtr.wy "span" and the process of sign decomposition. Hieroglyphs 1, 149-183, p. 166-167, Evolution of the sign during the FIP.
Gardiner  W25
Hieroglyphica  W25
Jsesh  W25
Unicode  U+133CE 𓏎
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radicogram (1 function(s))
Phonetic value Semantic value Use
jn(j) bringing; fetching regular


mꜣꜣ nḏ.t-ḥr jn.w n ḥw.wt njw.wt mḥ.w šmꜥ.w pr-ḏ.t
Seeing the gifts and tribute of the mansions and villages of lower and upper Egypt and the domain of eternity,
Asosi Djedkare

jn.t wnjs ṯḥn.t n(.t) jr.t wr.t ḥr.t-jb sḫ.t
so that Unas brings the faience of the great eye, which is in the middle of the field.

hj n.t hj jn hj wr.t hj wr.t-ḥkꜣ.w hj nzr.t
O Net crown, o In crown, o great one, o great of magic crown, o royal serpent,

jn.n n ppy pn t=f j.ḫm ḫsḏ ḥnq.t=f j.ḫm.t ꜥwꜣ
This Pepi has been brought his bread, which does not know mold, and his beer, which does not know rot.
Pepi I Merire

m-k jn.n n=k wꜣḏ.w
Look, green eye paint was brought to you.
Nemtiemsaf I Merenre I

jn.n=(j) g(ꜣ)w.wt m tꜣ-wr
I brought taxes from the Thinite nome.
1st Intermediate Period

jmꜣḫ jn-ttj
The revered one Initety
1st Intermediate Period

nḥs(.y) jn-jt=f
The Nubian Intef
1st Intermediate Period

jmꜣḫ ḫr nṯr ꜥꜣ jn-ḥr.t-nḫt
The revered one by the Great God Inheretnakht
9th/10th Dynasties

jꜣm(ꜣ) n ꜣb.t=f ṯz m pḥ.wj pr jtj=f m pḥ.tj jn-ḥr
Kind to his family, raised from the back of his father's house by the power of Onuris.
9th/10th Dynasties

jn.n(=j) mnmn.t=s
I brought its cattle.
9th/10th Dynasties

ẖkr.t-nzw wꜥ.t(y)t jn-jt=s ms(.t) mrj
The sole royal ornament Inites born of Meri
9th/10th Dynasties

(j)m(.y)-rꜣ ḥm(.w)-nṯr jnj
The overseer of priests Ini.
11th Dynasty

jmꜣḫ.w smḥr wꜥ.ty jn-jt=f
The revered one, the sole friend, Intef.
11th Dynasty

11th Dynasty

pr.t-ḫrw n jn ꜥꜣ ms jkw ḏ=f n ḥtp.wt m ẖr.t-nṯr m ẖr.t-hrw n.t rꜥ(w)-nb
An invocation offering to Ini the Great, whom Iku has born, which he gave for offerings in the necropolis at the course of every day,
Intef III Nakhtnebtepnefer

jnk mr.y nb=f mꜣꜥ ḥz.y=f n(.j)-s.t-jb=f jmꜣḫ(.w) jn-jt=f ms.n ṯfj
I am one truly beloved of his Lord, who he praises for his favoured one, the distinguished one, Intef, whom Tjefi brought forth.
Mentuhotep II Nebhepetre (complete reign)

m wp.t (j)m(.y)-rꜣ ꜣꜥw(.w) jn-jt=f
On behalf of the overseer of the interpreteres Intef.
Mentuhotep IV Nebtawyre

r jn.t mfkꜣ.t bjꜣ r ḫ.wt n(.wt) mšꜥ.w=f
in order to bring turquoise and metal to the possesions of his troops.
Amenemhat III Nimaatre

ḏd-mdw jn.n(=j) n=k ḫ.t nb(.t) ḥnk.t nb(.t) qbḥ(.t) wꜥb(.t) jm.t(=j)
Recitation: I have brought all things and all cool and pure offerings, which are with me, to you.
Hatshepsut Maatkare

ꜣꜥ n js.t jn-ḥr-ḫꜥ-w mꜣꜥ-ḫrw
the chief of the crew, Inherkhawy, justified.
Ramesses III Usermaatre-Meriamun

jnj=f n=k ḏfḏ.y wḏꜣ.t [m] sṯy-nṯr ḥr ḏw pꜣy=f n msdm.t
He brings the two pupils of the Udjat eye with the incense upon his mountain of black eye paint
Ptolemy XIII

jn=f n=k jq ḏd.tw ẖr ḏ.t=k
He brings for you, the nome of the annihilated crocodile, stability under your body
Cleopatra VII Philopator

jnj=j n=k pr m nw.w ḥꜣ.t pr m jtm.w
which I bring to you, which goes forth from the primeaval waters of the beginning, which go forth from Atoum,
Cleopatra VII Philopator

jn=f n=ṯn ḫnp-kꜣ m qrr.t=f r tr=f
He brings the water of the inundation to you from its cavern at its season,
Gardiner, Alan Henderson (1957), Egyptian grammar being an introduction to the study of hieroglyphs, 3rd, revised edition, page 531
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