Description: Man, standing, bowing down, hand on a rectangle, oriented horizontally, holding a short staff which ends in a string of cloth(?) bowing back towards the head of the man.
Category: Men and their occupations [Gardiner A]
Basic Form: full quadrat
Tag: manstandingbentholding somethingcloth, fabricwaterworking
Type: simple
Printing type extracted from VisualGlyph by G. Lapp. The sign must still be slightly adjusted to the tokens.

Fischer, Henry George (1968), Dendera in the Third Millennium B.C. down to the Theban Domination of Upper Egypt., p. 156 & pl. XVII.a
Fischer, H.G. (2002), Titles and epithets of the Egyptian Old Kingdom. Bibliotheca Orientalis 59 (1-2), 18-36, p. 29, no. 1846
Bogdanov, I. & Nikolaev A.H. (2021), Египетский остракон ДВ-1124 эпохи Древнего царства, Reports of the State Hermitage Museum LXXIX, 5-11, p. 7-11, Comprehensive discussion on the Old Kingdom occurrences of the sign and the corresponding cursive grapheme.
VisualGlyph+  A728
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logogram (1 function(s))
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washing regular


mnj.w r-gs šꜣ.w rḫty ḥr rḫ.t
The herdsman was beside the pigs; the washerman was washing.
11th Dynasty
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