Description: Man, seated, with his arms raised at either side of his body.
Category: Men and their occupations [Gardiner A]
Basic Form: full quadrat
Tag: holding nothingmanseatedwith raised arms
Type: simple

Hieroglyphica  A73
Jsesh  A73
Unicode  U+1304F 𓁏
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logogram (1 function(s))
Phonetic value Semantic value Use
ḥḥ million, many regular


jmj ḥḥ.w m mꜣj(.w) sḥꜣ ssꜣ.w m s.t=sn n(.t) dwꜣ.t
Give millions in fierce lions, being satisfied in their place of the morning.
Amenhotep III Nebmaatre

ḏfꜣ.w pr=f n ḏ.t m ḥḥ.w ḥfn.w m ẖ.wt
who provisions his house of eternity with millions and hundreds of thousands of things,
Amenhotep IV / Akhenaten Neferkheperure

ṯnn=f ḫnt ḥḥ.w
He was elevated in front of millions
Nectanebis (I) Kheperkare
Cauville, Sylvie (2001), Dendara: le fonds hiéroglyphique au temps de Cléopâtre, page 18
Kurth, Dieter (2007), Einführung ins Ptolemäische: eine Grammatik mit Zeichenliste und Übungsstücken, volume 1, page 127
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