Description: A quail chick (Coturnix coturnix).
Category: Birds [Gardiner G]
Basic Form: full quadrat
Tag: birdchickchildquail
Type: simple

Gardiner, Alan Henderson (1957), Egyptian grammar being an introduction to the study of hieroglyphs, 3rd, revised edition, page 472
Gardiner  G43
Hieroglyphica  G43
Jsesh  G43
Unicode  U+13171 𓅱
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interpretant (1 function(s))
Phonetic value Semantic value Use
w regular


jmj jwj Wsjr m jw.t=f tw Dw.t
Let Osiris not come in that bad coming of his.
Pepi I Merire

aA Hr=f xtn xns xtm=f m jr.ty Dw.t
The door, upon it is the xtn of the double bull, its lock is as the two evil eyes.
Pepi I Merire

jw=(j) hA.k(wj) r AbD.w Xr
I descended to Abydos, which was under ...
1st Intermediate Period

Htp-D-nswt jnp.w tp(.j)-Dw=f jm(.j)-wt nb-tA-Dsr pr.t-xrw xA t' Hnq.t xA kA Apd xA Ss mnx.t xA (j)x.t nb(.t) nfr(.t) wab(.t) [...]
An offering that the king gives and Anubis, who is upon his mountain, lord of the embalming place, lord of the sacred land: an invocation offering (of) a thousand of bread and beer, a thousand of bulls and birds, a thousand of alabaster and linen, a thousand of all good and pure things, [...]
Intef III Nakhtnebtepnefer

smA.n(=j) n=k tA.wj mj wD.t.n bA.w [...] Aw.t-jb nb
For you I united the two lands like that which the powers commanded [...] all joy.
Mentuhotep II Nebhepetre (complete reign)

sAx.w sw Xnm.w Hq.t
which gloryfies him. Khnoum and Heqet
Senwosret I Kheperkare

sbk-wr xwj-wj-sbk
Sobekwer, Chuwisobek.
Amenemhat III Nimaatre

jr (j)n bj.t n jmn aA-nxt.w-xnsw
Performed by the beekeeper of Amon, Aa-nakht-Khonsu
19th Dynasty
Gardiner, Alan Henderson (1957), Egyptian grammar being an introduction to the study of hieroglyphs, 3rd, revised edition, page 472
Creator: TSL

phonemogram (1 function(s))
Phonetic value Semantic value Use
w regular


twt n hbn(.y)
An statue of ebony.
Kaiuhor Menkauhor

mAA nD.t-Hr jn.w n Hw.wt njw.wt mH.w Sma.w pr-D.t
Seeing the gifts and tribute of the mansions and villages of lower and upper Egypt and the domain of eternity,
Asosi Djedkare

wDD n=f sAw Tw rw pr wD n=f sAw Tw rw
to whom is commanded: "Guard yourself against the lion!", to whom the command went forth: "Guard yourself against the lion!"

Xn sw jm.yw Ax.t sqd sw jm.yw qbH.w
the ones in the horizon will row him, the ones in the cool waters will sail him

jw nwA xpr
while these came to be
6th Dynasty

Sms xA-bA=s qbH.wt=k mr.t=k
the starry sky follows your qbH.wt, whom you love,
Pepi I Merire

sw.t nHb-kA.w aSA qAb.w pp.y p(w) sS nTr mDA.t Dd n.tt sxpr jw.tt
He is Nehebkau, many of windings. Pepi is the gods scribe of the book, who says what is and who creates what is not.
Pepi I Merire

hrw pw n sn.t tp.w sAb.wt
this day of cutting the heads of the speckled snakes off
Pepi I Merire

gm ppy pn qbH.wt sA.t jnpw
this Pepi will find qbH.wt, daughter of Anubis,
Pepi I Merire

nhz j jm.j.w knz.t tp-a.w sdA wr [...]
Wake up, oh those who are in Kenzet, those who are before the great egret [...]
Nemtiemsaf I Merenre I

Htp-Dj-nzw jnp.w tp.j-Dw=f jm.j-wt nb-tA-Dsr-m-s.wt=f-nb.wt-nfr.wt
An offering which the king gives, and Anubis, upon his mountain, who is in the place of embalming, lord of the necropolis in all his beautiful places
1st Intermediate Period

Htp-dj nsw jnp.w tp(.j)-Dw=f jm.j-wt nb tA-Dsr pr.t-xrw n HA.tj-a xtm.tj-bj.t smr wa.tj Hr.j-H(A)b jmAx jndj Dd
An offering which the king gives (and) Anubis, who is upon his hill, Imiut, lord of the sacred land, invocation offerings for the mayor, sealbearer of the king of Lower Egypt, sole companion, lector priest, the revered, Indi, who says:
9th/10th Dynasties

jw pH.n Sma.w jqr jwn.t
while the grain of Upper Egypt reached the nome of the crocodile, and Dendera.
9th/10th Dynasties

jw jr.n=(j) aHa.w m rnp.wt m rk Hr(.w) 〈nxt-〉nb-tp-nfr Hr sjbA jb=f r'-nb m mrr.t nb.t kA=f
I spent a period of years in the era of the Horus-King 〈Nakht-〉neb-tep-nefer, making his heart beat (lit. "stride") every day with all that is loved of his ka.
Intef III Nakhtnebtepnefer

mH-jb nswt m Sma.w jrr (j)m(.y)-r mSa m s.t nb.t StA(.t)
the confidant of the king in Upper Egypt, who acts as the overseer of the army in every difficult place,
11th Dynasty (after reunification)

smA-tA.wj mnT.w-Htp(.w) anx(.w) D.t
Semataui Mentuhotep, may he live forever
Mentuhotep II Nebhepetre (complete reign)

[nb] tA.wj nsw-bj.t nb-Hp.t-ra sA-ra mnT.w-[Htp.w]
[Lord of the Two Lands], King of Upper and Lower Egypt Nebhepetre, son of Re Mentu[hotep]
Mentuhotep II Nebhepetre (complete reign)

Twt wa jm=sn rtH=sn n=k jb.w pa.t
You are one with them, while they restrain the hearts of the patricians for you.
Senwosret I Kheperkare

Dd-mdw jn mnTw nb wAs.t n nTr.w nb(.w)
Recitation by Montou, lord of Thebes, to all the gods.
Senwosret I Kheperkare

Dd mAa.n wj Hm n nb nTr pn Hr(.y)-tp tA.wy wD kA.t
saying: The majesty of the lord, this god, chief of the two lands, sent me, commanding the work
Senwosret I Kheperkare

jwj.n=j r njw.t=j tn m wpw.t(y) rx.t-n(y)-sw.t r saSA=s wab.w mr.wt
I came to this, my city, as a messenger and the custodian of the king's property, in order that it multiplies with priests and underlings
Amenemhat II Nebukaure

pH.n=j Abw mj wDD.tt sn=j tA n nb qbH.w
I reached Elephantine, as commanded, so that I may kiss the earth for the lord of the first cataract.
Amenemhat II Nebukaure

sbk n pH.wy mw Dd=f
Sobek of the back of the water, he says:
Senwosret II Khakheperre

jw jr.n=j tAS=j xnt=j jt.w=j
I have made my border, while I go south (beyond) my fathers.
Senwosret III Khakaure

pH.w pH.t(w)=f gr.w gr.t(w)
who attacks when he is attacked; who is silent when one is silent
Senwosret III Khakaure

Dd-mdw jn Hm n ra nfr.wy s.ty
Recitation by the majesty of Re: How beautiful is it
Sety I Menmaatre