Description: A hair pin or burin.
Category: Agriculture, crafts, professions and their tools [Gardiner U]
Basic Form: tall narrow
Tag: chisel
Type: simple
The description is uncertain.

Borghouts, J. F. (2010), Egyptian: an introduction to the writing and language of the Middle Kingdom, 2 vols. Egyptologische Uitgaven 24, page 142, note 1
Gardiner, Alan Henderson (1957), Egyptian grammar being an introduction to the study of hieroglyphs, 3rd, revised edition, page 518, see note 0 for more detail
Gardiner  U23
Hieroglyphica  U23
Jsesh  U23
Unicode  U+1334B 𓍋
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phonemogram (2 function(s))
Phonetic value Semantic value Use
Ab regular


TAz.wy nw n.w(y) Ab.w
These are the two knots of Elephantine

jw=(j) hA.k(wj) r AbD.w Xr
I descended to Abydos, which was under ...
1st Intermediate Period

jAm(A) n Ab.t=f Tz m pH.wj pr jtj=f m pH.tj jn-Hr
Kind to his family, raised from the back of his father's house by the power of Onuris.
9th/10th Dynasties

Htp-dj-nsw wsjr nb Dd.w xnt(.y) jmn.tyw nb Ab(D.w) HA.t(y)-a smHr-wa.t(y) HqA Hw.t (j)m(.y)-r(A) jaA.w DAr.j
A royal offering (for) Osiris, Lord Of Djedu, and Khenti-Amentiu, Lord of Abydos, (in favour of) the major, sole companion, estate manager and overseer of the interpreters Djari
Intef II Wahankh

Htp-D-nswt wsjr nb-Dd.w xnt(.j)-jmn.tjw nb-AbDw m s.wt=f nb(.t) pr.t-xrw xA t' Hnq.t xA kA Apd xA Ss mnx.t xA (j)x.t nb(.t) nfr(.t) wab(.t) n jmAx.w Sms.w Mgg.j Dd
An offering that the king gives and Osiris, Lord of Busiris, Khentamenti, Lord of Abydos on all his places: an invocation offering of a thousand of bread and beer, a thousand of bulls and fowl, a thousand of alabaster vessels and pieces of linen, a thousand of all good and pure things for the dignified follower Megegi, who says:
Intef III Nakhtnebtepnefer

n.w tA-wr AbDw
of the Thinite nome and Abydos.
Mentuhotep II Nebhepetre (complete reign)

Htp-dj-nswt wsjr nb Ddw xnt(.y) jmn.tyw nb AbDw
An offering that the king gives of Osiris, lord of Busiris, formost of the westerners, lord of Abydos,
Amenemhat I Sehetepibre

jnk mrr.y h(A)w.w=f sdmj n{n} Ab.wt=f
I am one beloved of his neighbourhood, one fitting in his family.
Senwosret I Kheperkare

pH.n=j Abw mj wDD.tt sn=j tA n nb qbH.w
I reached Elephantine, as commanded, so that I may kiss the earth for the lord of the first cataract.
Amenemhat II Nebukaure

Htp-D-nswt (n) wsjr nb-dd.w xnt(.j)-jmn.tjw nTr-aA nb-AbDw m s.wt=f nb.t nfr.t wab(.t)
An offering which the king gives (to) Osiris, lord of Busiris, Khentamenti, great god, lord of Abydos in all his good and pure places
Amenemhat II Nebukaure

Htp-dj-nswt wsr xnt.y jmn.tyw nTr aA nb AbDw jgAj nb wHA.t dj=sn
An offering that the king gives (to) Osiris, formost of the westerners, the great god, lord of Abidos, and Igai, lord of the Oasis, may they give
13th Dynasty

n.t Abw n mH 30 m qA=f
of Elephantine, of 30 cubit as its height
Tuthmosis III Menkheperre (complete reign)

n jsy Abw nDH.t 2 Hmt Db.t 40 dHty Db.t 1
of Isy: two tusks of ivory, fourty bricks of copper, one brick of lead.
Tuthmosis III Menkheperre (complete reign)

nfr.w n(.w) nty m tA-wr AbDw spA.t mr.n=f
the beauty of that which is in Thinis, Abydos, the district which he loved
Ramesses II Usermaatre-Setepenre
Gardiner, Alan Henderson (1957), Egyptian grammar being an introduction to the study of hieroglyphs, 3rd, revised edition, page 518
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mr regular


jr wt Dba pw jm ny wsjr (j)zj mr
in order to wrap this finger of Osiris there, which has gone painful.
Pepi I Merire

HA.ty-a Xtm.w-bj.ty smr wa.ty
The mayor, the seal bearer of the king of Lower Egypt, the sole companion
Pepi II Neferkare

smr-wa.tj (j)m(.j)-r(')-mSa (j)m(.j)-r(')-aAw Dmj Dd
The sole friend, the overseer of troops and overseer of foreign mercenaries, Djemi saying:
1st Intermediate Period